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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

The fire brigade was called to the Centro Hotel Bristol on Prinz-Albert-Strasse yesterday, residents complain about dangerous ascent to Godesburg Castle, there won’t be any Weiberfastnacht parties in the Beuel bar „Bahnhöfchen“ any more, and the asbestos-troubled Kita Weidenweg is threatened to be demolished – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

Prince Albert Staße: Fire brigade called because of fire smells at the Centro Hotel Bristol

Bonn. On Saturday, the fire brigade was alerted to the smell of fire in the Centro Hotel Bristol on Prinz-Albert-Strasse. The trigger was a charred ballast unit of a neon tube. The emergency services were able to confirm the smell on site and began to search for the cause. After a charred ballast unit of a neon tube had been identified in the cellar as the cause of the burning smell, the mission could be completed quickly. Prinz-Albert-Straße was closed to traffic for the duration of the operation.

Originaltext: GA Bonn

Meeting place for teens, shorties: Residents complain about ascent to Godesburg Castle

Bad Godesberg. Bad Godesberg residents complain about the walkway from Aennchenplatz via Burgberg to the Godesberg landmark. They demand that a stairway be closed. The Godesburg offers visitors a unique view. However, the path up from Aennchenplatz via Burgberg to Godesberg's landmark is not very impressive. Garbage gets left behind, it is dangerous and a meeting place for young people and petty criminals – this is how Heinz König, who lives in the immediate vicinity of the Cityterrassen, describes the situation. Disturbances of the peace, dealing and damage to property are the order of the day on the stairs, the plateau and the adjoining bridge. This is a thorn in the side of many neighbours, said König. Therefore the way should be closed, so is the suggestion of some residents. But it is not the only place (,) where the ascent can become dangerous. Above the stairs, in the immediate vicinity of the path, a grid was torn out over a five meter deep shaft. Since the lighting on the Burgberg is rarely or not working at all, this is especially problematic in the dark. The city council has not made any statements so far, but announced that there will be a statement next week.

Dangerous: Resident Heinz König sees a safety problem in the unprotected mining shaft (iron) in the ground. Foto: Axel Vogel

Originaltext: Lukian Ahrens and Ayla Jacob

Weiberfastnacht in Beuel: Here’s why there’s no more partying in the „Bahnhöfchen“

Beuel. If you want to celebrate Weiberfastnacht in Beuel next year, you have to strike the party in "Bahnhöfchen" off your calendar. The event will no longer take place. As the team at the "Bahnhöfchen" informed us in response to a GA request, the party was "no longer in a reasonable cost-benefit ratio in recent years, which is why we decided to discontinue the event“. People's behaviour at night has generally changed a lot in recent years. Among other things, people are less willing to spend money.

The "Beueler Bahnhöfchen" is a popular restaurant on the Rhine. Foto: Leif Kubik

Originaltext: GA Bonn

Shocking news for affected parents: Kita Weidenweg threatened to be demolished

Ramersdorf. After the removal of asbestos, the city will decide whether the Kita Weidenweg building should be renovated or demolished. After the summer holidays, the 90 children were first distributed to five different facilities in Beuel (the GA reported). This temporary solution will last until November. The construction work in Ramersdorf should be finished by then. Now everything will be completely different. At the end of November, all 90 children are expected to move into a temporary buildings in Niederholtorf for one year. "For many parents this news was terrible, because they don't know how to organize the transport of the children", said Jan Hürter, who has accommodated three children in the Kita Weidenweg. The bus is not an alternative, so some parents will probably have to shorten their working hours now, which will result in financial losses. "We expect more support from the city council of Bonn", said Hürter.

Originaltext: Holger Wilcke

Translation: Mareike Graepel