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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the Region

This summer was officially the fourth-warmest ever recorded in Bonn, in two separate incidents on the Rhine, paddlers find a corpse in the Rhine near Niederkassel and a canoeist rescues a female paddle-boarder, PETA animal welfarists "barbecue" a mock dog on Bonn's Münsterplatz, and pictures from I.B.I.S. school pupils are auctioned for a good cause in the Bonn Eiszeit ice-cream parlour – here is our news in brief on Sunday.

This summer was the fourth-warmest ever for Bonn

Bonn. Despite a few cool and rainy days at the beginning and end, the summer of 2020 will go down in the annals as hot and dry. August was the warmest month (22.5 degrees Celsius), followed by July (19.8 degrees) and June (19.1 degrees), according to the former chief statistician of the city of Bonn, Klaus Kosack, on the basis of his records and the data of the meteorological institute of the University of Bonn. Since 1895, Bonn's summers have become at least two degrees Celsius warmer.

The average summer temperature was 20.5 degrees Celsius (2019: 21.1 degrees). It was 2.6 degrees Celsius warmer than the long-term average, making it the fourth-hottest summer since 1895. The warmest summer is still that of 1947, followed by 2018, and the coolest summer was that of 1956.

The highest temperature of the summer, and thus of the year, was 38.5 degrees Celsius, recorded on 8 August. The coolest day was 6 June with 8.8 degrees. The temperature dropped below ten degrees Celsius on two days. In total, 24 hot days with a maximum of more than 30 degrees Celsius and 53 summer days (maximum more than 25 degrees) were recorded.

With the beginning of the dog days on July 23, 31 consecutive summer days were measured, which is a record for this millennium. Furthermore, twelve tropical nights (more than 20 degrees) were recorded; five more than in 2019.

Two out of the three months were too dry. A total of 175 litres of rain fell per square metre, which is 40 litres too little for summer. The driest summer was 37 years ago: in 1983 only 67 litres fell and the wettest was 2007, with 434 litres.

The usual summer sunshine target of 578 hours was exceeded in Bonn by 63 hours. The sun shone longest in July with a total of 225 hours. Kol

(Original text: Klaus Kosack)

Paddlers find a corpse in the Rhine near Niederkassel

Niederkassel/Bad Godesberg. On Friday afternoon, a Swiss couple discovered a corpse floating in the river during a paddle trip across the Rhine on Friday afternoon. At about 3 p.m. the rescue services were called to the Lülsdorf Rhine bank at the 668 kilometre point, where the couple had discovered a body in the area of the bank undergrowth. The emergency doctor who was called, was only able to determine that the man was dead. Rescuers secured the body until the arrival of the criminal investigation department. Afterwards, the dead man was recovered and the site was examined. In the evening, the police announced that the dead man was an 85-year-old from Niederkassel. There were no indications of any foul play. The investigations of the criminal investigation department are continuing.

In a separate incident on the Rhine, a stand-up paddler was rescued by a canoeist. According to police reports, an approximately 50-year-old woman had set off on her board in the Rhine arm off the island of Nonnenwerth shortly before noon. Presumably, she accidentally went too far out of the Rhine arm and got caught in the main current. When she was pulled into the Rhine, a canoeist noticed her and at about 12 noon, the rescue services were alerted. Fortunately, the canoeist reached the woman in time before she was pulled out even further into the middle of the Rhine. She was able to hold onto the canoe and was returned safely to the riverbank. The rescue forces then found the rescued woman unharmed, so that no further action was necessary and the operation was finished shortly before 1 p.m.

(Original text: Dieter Hombach and Dierk Himstedt)

PETA animal welfarists "barbecue" a mock dog on Bonn's Münsterplatz

Bonn. A mock dog caused a sensation On Saturday afternoon on the Münsterplatz, when PETA activists put the four-legged friend on a grill plate and coated the animal, which looked deceptively real from a distance, with oil and spices. Passers-by looked disconcerted, some were frightened and closed their eyes, and others walked on wordlessly.

Stefanie Rühr, head of the PETA Zwei-Streetteam in Cologne/Bonn, explained the action: "It makes no difference whether the meat on our plates comes from a chicken, beef or dog, because all animals suffer the same", said Rühr. "With this action, we appeal to the compassion of humans and would like to persuade them to grill vegetables or meat alternatives instead of the dismembered parts of an animal corpses.

Sympathy for the animals was also shown by two other pedestrians, Salma and Zakaria Bakkali. Certain behaviour patterns are deeply rooted in our minds, the couple said and "unfortunately, we eat meat. "You don't see a dog like that at the butcher's," added her husband, who at first glance thought the dummy was real. "It just looks strange and horrible," he said. But the couple understood the message and said: "It would be good if animals were treated better, factory farming were abolished and slaughtering were done differently," said Salma Bakkali.

The action by PETA highlights the fact that arbitrary distinctions are made between so-called pets and the exploitation of farm animals, said Rühr. "This way of thinking is characteristic for the logic of speciesism, which discriminates creatures because of their species affiliation", explained the animal welfarist.

"We want to remind people that violence is wrong, regardless of who the victims are. A pig or a cow feels pain, fear and joy just like a dog and wants to live. There are numerous vegan alternatives, so that no creature must suffer for a short kick to someone’s palate, said Rühr.

(Original text: Niklas Schroeder)

School pictures are auctioned for a good cause in the Bonn Eiszeit ice-cream parlour

Bad Godesberg. Audra had painted a sunset in wonderfully rich colours. In Ben’s picture there was a serious boy with the slogan "No Racism" written on it, and Noah had crowned himself under colourful confetti in his work, "King and Queen".

When the students of the Independent Bonn International School (Ibis) painted for a good cause during lockdown, there were no limits to their imaginations. "Your wonderful pictures will help other children who are not doing so well," explained IBIS school director Philip Wharton at a small celebration in the courtyard of the Heiderhof shopping centre. Eric Buschbell had opened his café "Bonner Eiszeit" for the 18 works by IBIS children to be auctioned off for the benefit of the association "Bunter Kreis Rheinland", which cares for families in the region with prematurely born, chronically ill and impaired children.

"I am delighted by what you have done. The way you have painted for others is a wonderful example", said district mayor Christoph Jansen, who also hoped that this solidarity will continue in coronavirus times. The students and their parents applauded from their tables and the students showed their thanks with musical performances. Tamae Meixner also congratulated the students for their beautiful pictures on behalf of the "Bunte Kreis". She had established the contact between the association and the IBIS and planned the project with art teacher Ejegul Kurbanova. The minimum bid was 20 euros each, explained Meixner. At the vernissage, 380 euros had already been collected for the first pictures by the little Picassos. The pictures that have not yet been auctioned can also be purchased at the Café "Bonner Eiszeit", Akazienweg 2, on the Heiderhof until the end of September.

(Original text: Ebba Hagenberg-Miliu)

(Translations: John Chandler)