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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

New entry regulation from Monday in NRW, international film shooting at Bonn university, new parking concept on the Venusberg and the rising price of Christmas trees in NRW this year - here is our news in brief on Sunday.

New entry regulation in NRW: Ten days quarantine, exceptions possible

NRW. From Monday 9th November, new quarantine rules will apply in NRW for travellers returning from a corona risk area abroad. According to these rules, with some exceptions, travellers will now have to spend ten days in quarantine and no longer 14 days.

Under certain conditions, however, the rule does not apply to travellers who can present a negative test result no older than 48 hours. Exceptions are made for visits to close relatives, those returning from holiday and participants in sporting events.

The new entry regulation means that the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is transposing the federal quarantine regulation model into state law, as announced by the NRW Health Ministry on Saturday.

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International film team at Bonn university building

BONN. Once again Bonn is being used as the location for an international film production: Since last Tuesday, a German-French-Belgian film team has been shooting scenes for the film "Meinen Hass bekommen ihr nicht" (literal translation “You won’t get my hatred”) in the main building of the university. The filming is taking place in the section that also houses the Egyptian Museum. The film team arrived with a lot of equipment and several vehicles, which has meant that part of Konviktstrasse now has stopping restrictions. Some large film vehicles were also parked at the Alte Zoll. The huge spotlights with their intense light attract the attention of passers-by, especially in the darkness.

The film is produced by Komplizen Film in cooperation with Haut et Court (France), Frakas Productions (Belgium) and the Norddeutscher Rundfunk. Kilian Riedhof is the director. The film tells the story of Antoine Leiris, who loses his beloved wife Hélène in the Paris terrorist attack on the Bataclan theatre. "In a moving Facebook post, he confronts the hatred of the assassins with the love for his son, who is barely two years old.

(Original text: Maximilian Mühlens)

Parking fees to be introduced on Venusberg

VENUSBERG. A new parking concept on the Venusberg will soon come into force with the installation of new ticket machines. "In the newly established Parkcombizone, parking will be subject to charges in some areas", the city announced. Residents will still be able to park without needing to draw a ticket but will require a resident parking permit (Bewohnerparkausweis). This can be obtained from the Licencing Office at the Bonn municipal authorities or at https://service.bonn.de. The parking permit costs 15 euros for six months, 30 euros for one year and 55 euros for two years.

The ticket machines are expected to be installed by the end of 2020. The area between Robert-Koch-Strasse in the north, Haager Weg in the west, Sigmund-Freud-Strasse in the east and Kottenforst south of Kiefernweg will be divided into different zones. Parking will be limited to a maximum of two hours west of Haager Weg and will be subject to charges in places along the main roads and near the University Hospital Bonn. In future, anyone wanting to park there for up to two hours will have to pay 60 cents per half hour. Those who need more time can purchase a day ticket (six euros).

The Waldau car park will also be included in the new parking concept. In future, visitors will have to display their parking disc there on weekdays, and from Monday to Friday parking will be allowed for a maximum of four hours.

The concept adopted by the Council is intended to ease the competition for parking spaces between Venusberg residents and Bonn University Hospital (UKB) staff and visitors. To provide more space for pedestrians and to encourage cycling and bus use, around 150 of the approximately 1450 parking spaces will be removed.

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Price of Christmas tress expected to rise this year

NRW. Christmas trees are likely to be more expensive in North Rhine-Westphalia this year - the price of the Nordmann fir is expected to rise from between 18 to 23 euros per metre to around 20 to 25 euros, said Eberhard Hennecke, chairman of the relevant department in the NRW State Horticultural Association. This is due to additional expenditure for corona requirements such as disinfection, extra staff and particularly large sales areas. Added to this is the annual increase in costs. Nevertheless, the Association expects heavy demand. "There is already a great deal of interest, many are already asking for trees," said Hennecke, who runs a business for forestry products in Sundern in the Sauerland region. In view of the threat of corona, many people are obviously wanting to make their own homes cosy with a tree in their living room, he explained. Holidays have largely been cancelled.

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