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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Annoyed parents and teachers in Corona times, a closed motorway after a crash involving two vehicles, 31 corona cases currently in Bonn, a fire in Rüngsdorf, and a possible case of poaching in Kottenforst – here is our news in brief on Sunday.

Parents and teachers demand smaller classes especially in Corona times. Meanwhile, the city council has called on all schools not to install ventilation units in classrooms. But the dissatisfaction among teachers and parents in connection with the Corona Protection Measures is growing. The city's crisis management team had again addressed the issue of ventilation systems due to "a large number of enquiries from the schools". It was decided that "for the time being, no air cleaning equipment should be procured as a matter of principle, or equipment procured by third parties – whether for domestic use or professional use – should be installed and operated in schools". The letter also states that the state has already formulated guidelines on the question of whether the ventilation situation in classrooms is adequate or not. According to these specifications, classrooms should be ventilated for five minutes every 20 minutes, and in any case during breaks.


A560 closed after accident in Hennef

Hennef. After a traffic accident around 9 p.m. on Saturday evening, the A560 was temporarily closed at the Hennef-Ost slip road in the direction of Siegburg. The motorway was reopened at around 22.15 hours. Two vehicles were involved. According to the police, four people were slightly injured. One of the two vehicles was driving on the overtaking lane, but collided with the other when changing lanes. The vehicles were totalled. It was only just recently on Friday evening that a serious accident occurred on the A560 near Troisdorf, in which a total of ten vehicles were involved.


Number of corona deaths rises to 31 in Bonn

Bonn. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in Bonn has risen to 31. This was announced by the city administration on Saturday morning. Relaxation for Christmas: From 23 December, meetings "in the closest circle of family or friends" will be possible, up to a maximum of ten people in total. Related children up to 14 years of age will be exempt from the limit.

Otherwise, however, the contact restrictions will be tightened. "Hotspot strategy", "possible alternating and hybrid lessons from the eighth grade upwards" and no fireworks on New Year's Eve are just some of the tighter restrictions agreed on Wednesday evening by the state premiers and Chancellor Merkel.


Fire brigade deployed in Rüngsdorf after smoke development

Rüngsdorf. According to the fire brigade on Saturday evening, they were informed by telephone in the late afternoon of smoke emerging from the roof of an apartment building in Rüngsdorf's Heisterbachstraße. When the first units of the fire brigade arrived, however, it was unable to detect any smoke. When further investigating the apartment building it was noticed that a stove had just been freshly lit.

The chimney had been inspected with the turntable ladder and also a maintenance hatch was opened, but the emergency services could not detect any fire. For the fire brigade and the rescue service, the operation was therefore over at about 17.30 hrs. Heisterbachstraße had to be closed completely for the duration of the work. A total of 19 firefighters from fire stations 2 and 3 of the professional fire brigade, the Godesberg unit of the voluntary fire brigade, the rescue service and the command and control service were on duty.



Possible case of poaching in Kottenforst

Bad Godesberg- There may be a case of poaching in Kottenforst. Several roe deer remains were discovered in area II. The police have started investigations. A walker had discovered the pieces of meat and skins and informed the Bad Godesberg foresters of the Bad Godesberg Revier II. The responsible district hunter Hans Müller actually found six remains of roe deer on the spot, which showed clear evidence of shots. "The animals were obviously hunted somewhere and butchered," Müller confirmed to the GA. The proper game part had been removed and the rest disposed of in the hunting ground.

Text: Michael Wrobel and Axel Vogel


Translation: Mareike Graepel