Fire department frees trapped boy 11-year-old run over by car

Bad Godesberg · In an accident on Saturday, a motorist failed to see a child riding his bicycle, running him over. Fire department workers had to free the trapped boy and he was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

A child was seriously injured on Saturday afternoon in an accident on the B9 at Koblenzer Straße in Bad Godesberg. According to police, the victim was an eleven-year-old boy who had been riding a bicycle on Koblenzer Straße towards Bad Godesberg.

A 57-year-old driver had tried to make a turn from a private property on the opposite side of the road onto the B9 at around 2:30 pm, and did not see the child. The accident happened near the area where a fast food restaurant is located.

The child was trapped under the vehicle of the 57-year-old and had to be freed by the Bonn Fire Department. Police reported that the boy was wearing a helmet and he was able to communicate with them. An ambulance rushed him to a hospital after he was freed. According to initial reports, his condition was not life-threatening.

Because of the rescue operation and subsequent police investigative procedures, the B9 was closed off completely in the direction towards Mehlem. Traffic backed up in the Bad Godesberg tunnel as a result. At around 3:20 pm, traffic conditions returned to normal. Collateral damages were estimated at 600 euros.

Orig. text: Axel Vogel, Hannah Pfundt | Translation: Carol Kloeppel

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