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Planting initiative in Bad Honnef: 1.7 million crocuses serve as an advertising medium

Planting initiative in Bad Honnef : 1.7 million crocuses serve as an advertising medium

The initiative Wirtschaft für Bad Honnef (Business for Bad Honnef) continues its crocus campaign during the pandemic and welcomes additional supports and donors.

They don't mind a little frost, and in long winters they are not even "intimidated" by the last snow: crocuses are among the first flowers in spring.

In Bad Honnef, they have been gaining in status for years: as an advertising medium for the thriving town and as a community activity spanning across generations. A total of 1.7 million crocuses have already been planted in green grassy areas of Bad Honnef. And another 300,000 are to be added in the fall of 2021.

Primary school students planted crocus bulbs in the fall

Most recently, in October, elementary school students took part in another planting campaign to ensure that the crocuses would not come up short in 2021. Crocus bulbs were distributed to hundreds of elementary school children everywhere, as the initiative drew even more focus.

According to Diether Habicht-Benthin, vice chairman of the organizing initiative Wirtschaft für Bad Honnef (Business for Bad Honnef), the fact that the children were able to plant "their" crocuses in their own yards underlined the unifying element of the campaign - and brought a sparkle to the children's eyes.

This October, the project entered into another round with an even a larger planting initiative. In 2009, it had started with a project called the "Blühende Band". With the help of many donors and sponsors, more and more potted plants were placed next to streetlights. 184 of the pots, holding more than 2,000 geraniums, beautify the townscape year after year. Two gateways in the south of Honnef and in Rhöndorf complete the picture.

Crocus project exists since 2013

The crocus challenge has not diminished during the pandemic, on the contrary. After all, the funds have to be raised year after year. In 2013, the effort was supplemented by the crocus project. Several hundred thousand crocus bulbs have been released each year, most recently in an area at the Neuen Friedhof. With the support from sponsors, the bulk of the planting was taken over by a special planting machine, which is used to plant larger areas.

Through the involvement of the schools and a crocus festival, which was attended by residents of senior citizen facilities, the campaign became a generational project. This year, too, the initiative Wirtschaft für Bad Honnef (Business for Bad Honnef) is continuing its commitment - albeit under more difficult conditions in the pandemic.

Support via social media

But the coronavirus pandemic is not deterring the efforts of the project, the initiative is looking at new ways to approach it. The Corona Protection Ordinance prevents a crocus festival and other activities that involve the public from taking place. But through the use of social media, they hope to gain broader support and donations for the project. Those who click on Facebook to support the initiative will receive the new 16-page picture spread with impressive photos of the crocuses in Bad Honnef as a thank-you.

Mayor Otto Neuhoff praised the activities. The crocus festivals have always been a very special event, says the head of the city administration. And: "The sight of the blooming meadows in the parks of Bad Honnef, all in blue, is a magnet for locals and tourists.”

More information can be found here: www.initiative-wirtschaft.info, E-Mail kontakt@initiative-wirtschaft.info or d.habicht-benthin@t-online.de, ☏ 02224/940283

(Orig. text: Claudia Sülzen; Translation: ck)