Offspring in the wild boar enclosure 20 young wild boar attract visitors to Waldau

Venusberg · The wild boars in the Waldau had two litters a few days ago. At the moment there are around 20 young wild boar. The city’s forestry department is expecting even more offspring in the coming days.

The herd of wild boar in the Waldau had some new additions a few days ago. The city’s forestry department said there were around 20 tiny, young wild boar at the moment. Last weekend the people of Bonn were lucky enough to catch a first glimpse of the small piglets with the distinctive brown stripes.

The new litter maintained a low profile, however, and stayed mainly in the long grass in the middle of the enclosure or in the wild boars’ “nest”. The youngsters are still somewhat unsteady on their feet and do not really dare to go into the open, where their fellows romp, snuffle and rummage around. But that should soon change.

The crowds at the Venusberg were still manageable, not least because of the dull weather. However, families in particular took advantage of the Waldau facilities, including the nearby playground and the various animal enclosures. Again and again, cheerful children’s voices were heard as their owners saw the older wild boar piglets from last autumn chasing through the mud. They came up to the fence but had to be careful of their one-year-old brothers and sisters, who although suitable playmates, seldom handled them gently.

But even these piglets did not dare go up to the feeding spots. That would have been too risky – the grown ups were waiting there. And they take no prisoners. Nevertheless, many children stood here at the weekend to feed the wild boar, including Sven Hering’s two daughters. “We come here to the Waldau every three to four weeks,” explained the 38-year-old. “It’s always nice to bring the children closer to nature.” And young animals are, of course, something special. “My daughters are very excited about them.”

The chances of seeing them in the coming days should increase as the city’s forestry department is expecting more births. There could soon be up to 40 new arrivals, they said. So by April, the Waldau enclosure should be full – both in front of and behind the fence.

Original text: Thomas Kölsch
Translation: kc

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