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Kennedy Bridge: 22-year-old man suffers serious injuries from attack

Kennedy Bridge : 22-year-old man suffers serious injuries from attack

A young Iraqi man was attacked at the Kennedy Bridge at around midnight Saturday and suffered serious injuries.

Around midnight from Saturday into Easter Sunday, a young man was attacked in Beuel near the Kennedy Bridge. According to police reports, the 22-year-old Iraqi man was walking with two companions when a group of several people approached them at the start of the Kennedy Bridge on the Beuel side of the river. While his two companions ran away, the 22-year-old was beaten and kicked severely by members of the group.

Witnesses noticed what was happening and quickly called for police and an ambulance. After initial treatment, the Iraqi man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

One of the suspects is described by witnesses as follows: 1.85 to 1.9 meters tall, 85 kilos, stocky build, hair shaved short on the sides and longer on top, southern European looking, around 20-years-old. Witnesses also say there were two young women with the group.

Circumstances of the incident are being investigated and police ask anyone who might have information to please contact them at: (0228) 1 50.

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