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Incident at Bonn Central Station: 28-year-old travels without ticket and exposes himself to women

Incident at Bonn Central Station : 28-year-old travels without ticket and exposes himself to women

A 28-year-old man attracted the attention of the police twice at Bonn's main train station on the weekend. First, he had been traveling without a ticket. A short time later, he exposed himself to two women.

A 28-year-old man caused police to be called out on two occasions early Saturday morning at the Bonn central train station. As police reported on Monday, the officers were first alerted to the man at around 4 a.m. because he had traveled to Bonn in an Intercity train without a ticket. After employees of the Deutsche Bahn asked to collect a fare surcharge of around 125 euros, the police then filed a criminal complaint against the man. Afterwards he was instructed by officers that he was only allowed to visit the station again for travel purposes.

According to reports from two women who sought out the police bureau in Bonn central station, only around 50 minutes later, a man exposed himself to them and made obscene comments. It was the same man who had traveled without a ticket. The police filed another criminal complaint against the man and then took the 28-year-old into custody. (Orig. text: Christine Bähr / Translation: ck)