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Muffendorf street festival: 29th Muffenale to offer arts and eats

Muffendorf street festival : 29th Muffenale to offer arts and eats

Nestled in a narrow street of old timber-framed houses, the Muffenale street festival will be a popular attraction once again this year. “Arts and Culinary” is the theme for the event taking place this weekend.

Muffendorfer Hauptstraße is the main street that runs through historical Muffendorf, lined with timber-framed houses from the 17th century. On Sunday, September 3, the street will once again turn into a big festival. “Kunst und Kulinarisches” (Arts and Culinary) is the motto of this year’s festival, and it will take place from 11am to 7pm.

The 29th Muffenale is an event offering something for people of all ages, with 51 vendors, organizations or private persons participating. It begins with an official tapping of the barrel at 10:30am in the Muffendorf Weinhaus on Muffendorfer Hauptstraße 37.

One of the participants is day care center Metzetal, which will have a flea market with items for children. While parents stroll around, kids have the opportunity to visit a truck from the fire department. Gardener Matthias Mai will give advice on yard care and tree trimming in house four.

And if it’s not too early for some visitors, there will already be carnival costumes for sale at the house of Sabine Morys (house five). Among other handicrafts, she sews bags and they will be on sale as well.

In house 18, there will be more textiles - including scarves. There, the German Foundation for Historical Preservation presents its non-profit work and offers books on the theme of historical preservation as well.

The day care center Juco, located on Am Helpert 36, will open its doors from 1 - 5 pm so visitors can have a glimpse at what it has to offer. Kids will be entertained by the Bad Godesberg circus from Don Mehloni, and they are invited to join in.

A visit to the Muffenale makes a person hungry, and there will be an ample amount of culinary treats to sample. From sweet or salty biscuits to grilled bratwursts from the Eifel, a hearty ham platter or homemade Syrian specialties prepared by Syrian refugees, there will be lots on offer.

And for those who are tired after all the eating, Markus Bonk will be out with his nostalgic coffee-bike, offering a variety of organic specialty coffees and cold drinks such as iced-smoothies or frappés.

For complete information about the festival, please visit the website:

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