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Trial at Bonn Regional Court: 30-year-old assaults prostitute on the streetwalk

Trial at Bonn Regional Court : 30-year-old assaults prostitute on the streetwalk

A refugee from Ghana allegedly tried to rape a 34-year-old woman. Three months earlier he is said to have attacked a 37-year-old woman with a beer bottle.

His time of tolerance in Germany had expired. The refugee from Ghana, who arrived in 2015, has been repeatedly sentenced by German courts. The African was sentenced to six months in prison on probation for robbery and bodily harm. Finally, in May 2018, the 30-year-old's asylum application was rejected and he was to be expelled.

It did not take a month for him to commit the next serious crime. As court spokesman Tobias Gülich confirmed on Monday, the Ghanaian is said to have attacked a prostitute on the streets of Bonn and tried to rape her. Accused of sexual assault in a particularly serious case, he will soon have to appear before the Bonn Regional Court.

The public prosecutor's office in Bonn accuses him of having approached a 34-year-old prostitute at the Probsthof on the evening of 23 May at 10.45pm and of having arranged a certain sexual performance with her. In return, the woman and the man had gone under a nearby motorway bridge. There, however, the john is said not to have kept his agreement, forcibly removed her coat and threw it on the ground.

Victim resisted with kicks and bites

According to the prosecution, he pushed the woman backwards onto the coat, lay down on her and fixed her hands above her head. The prostitute, however, fought back violently with kicks and bites. He is said to have tried to make her submissive with slaps in the face, but failed due to the resistance of the 34-year-old – and finally took flight. DNA traces identified the 30-year-old and three months later he was arrested. The Ghanaian is said to have repeatedly attracted attention through violence against women.

According to Sebastian Buß, spokesman for the Bonn public prosecutor's office, the accused is said to have "danced" with a 28-year-old girl in a Bonn disco three months before the attack on the street. When the woman fended him off, he is said to have thrown a bottle into her face. She suffered a wound on her upper lip, which had to be stitched, and her teeth were also injured.

A 37-year-old who wanted to help the woman was also said to have been knocked out with a bottle. According to the prosecution, the 37-year-old was beaten and kicked by a "group around the accused". He suffered a broken nasal bone. This trial is due to begin soon in the district court because of two dangerous bodily injuries.

Original text: Ulrike Schödel

Translation: Mareike Graepel