Corona case at fruit farm 300 harvesters in Swisttal to be tested for coronavirus

Swisttal · An employee of a fruit orchard in Swisttal has tested positive for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. The authorities now want to test 300 harvest workers.



Foto: dpa/Stefan Sauer

An employee of an agricultural operation in Swisttal, just west of Bonn, tested positive for coronavirus after being admitted to hospital. According to the Rhine Sieg district, the laboratory findings were received by the health department on Friday. It was a coincidental finding because the woman had been hospitalized for another matter.

Starting on Saturday, a mobile team from the Malteser aid organization will take swabs from all 300 or so harvest workers at the fruit growing farm. Preparations for the testing began on Friday, and quarantine measures are now in effect, the district press office announced. The first test results are expected on Monday. Authorities have not yet released information about which fruit farm is affected.

As of Friday noon, a total of 1,491 people in the Rhine Sieg district have tested positive for coronavirus. There are 24 current cases, and 1,415 people are considered to have recovered. At this time, there are 77 people in quarantine. 52 people from the Rhine Sieg district have died as a result of the virus. Orig. text: Hannah Schmitt, Jörg Manhold Translation: Carol Kloeppel