Police ask for information 31-year-old Nana K. from Beuel is missing

Beuel · 31-year-old Nana K. was last seen at her apartment in Beuel on Sunday. Since then, the woman has been missing. The police are looking for her and are asking for assistance.

 Symbolic photograph

Symbolic photograph

Foto: DPA (Symbolfoto)

The police are currently looking for 31-year-old Nana K. from Beuel and are asking for information on heer. The woman was last seen at her apartment in Beuel on Sunday at 2 pm, according to the police. Afterwards there has been no further contact with her.

As self-endangerment cannot be excluded, the police initiated a search and also used a mantrail dog. However, the search has not yet yielded any results and there are no clues as to the current whereabouts of the missing person. For this reason the investigators are now asking for clues.

The woman is 1.65 meters tall, slim, has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. She has tattoos on both upper arms with flower, bird and candy motifs, as well as tattoos on her right lower leg.

Information can be given by calling 0228/150 or the emergency number 110.

(Original text: ga / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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