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Level crossing in Bad Godesberg: 32-year-old killed when hit by RB26 in Bonn

Level crossing in Bad Godesberg : 32-year-old killed when hit by RB26 in Bonn

Late Wednesday evening, a man at a level crossing in Bad Godesberg was hit by a regional train and fatally injured. The line between Bonn-Mehlem and the main station was closed for a short time, trains had to be diverted.

During the late Wednesday evening around 9.45 p.m., a 32-year-old man died in the area of the level crossing at Winkelsweg in Bad Godesberg. He was apparently caught by Regionalbahn 26, which was on its way from Cologne in the direction of Koblenz.

Due to police investigations, the railway line between Bonn-Mehlem and Bonn Central Station was closed for about two hours.

Trains of the RB48 line started and ended at Bonn Main Station according to GA information. Line RE5 was diverted from Cologne South via Troisdorf, the stops between Cologne South and Koblenz city centre were omitted. The line was reopened around midnight.The Bonn police are currently investigating the exact background.


As a rule, the General-Anzeiger does not report suicides or attempted suicides unless they are given special attention by the circumstances. The reason for this is the high imitation rate.

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(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)