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More Covid 19 cases: 50 people in quarantine after celebration in a Bonn pub

More Covid 19 cases : 50 people in quarantine after celebration in a Bonn pub

At least four people tested positive for coronavirus after a party in a Bonn pub on Friday evening. According to information obtained by GA, some of those who attended were health care workers from the LVR clinic, who are said to have celebrated their graduation there.

The current corona protection ordinance allows private parties of up to 150 people, where neither a mask is required nor social distancing. The only condition is that suitable precautions for hygiene and contact tracing are ensured. Last Friday, it appears that such a celebration was held in Bonn city center by the senior class of health care workers at the LVR Clinic in Bonn. According to GA information, one person who had coronavirus was at the party.

Upon inquiry, the City of Bonn acknowledged to GA that it had already learned of the incident over the weekend. "The public health department of the City of Bonn was informed on Sunday about the case of the person who tested positive", responded deputy spokesman for the city, Marc Hoffmann in an e-mail. Since the person who tested positive does not live in Bonn, the city administration can neither say whether this person has knowingly violated quarantine regulations or when he or she was tested and when the test result was received.

The celebration at the pub has already had consequences for several dozen people. "The health department identified 50 people who had taken part in the - to our knowledge private celebration," Hoffmann said. The persons concerned had first-level contact and were informed on Monday morning. They are now in quarantine and swabs have been taken. So far, a total of four people from Bonn tested positive. Among the first-level contact persons are also pub employees, Hoffmann explains. First-level contact means that the persons had at least 15 minutes of face contact, for example during a conversation. "Whether further celebrations took place in the bar on the weekend is not known to us," says Hoffmann.

Those who have had to go into quarantine because of this celebration are not only from the Bonn area. In Rhein-Sieg county, several people "in connection with this event" also had to be sent into quarantine, said press spokeswoman Rita Lorenz upon inquiry. Lorenz, however, could not give an exact number, as the events there were not being dealt with as an outbreak.

(Orig. text: Thomas Leurs / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)