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17 break-ins: 6 burglary suspects arrested in Bad Godseberg

17 break-ins : 6 burglary suspects arrested in Bad Godseberg

They are believed to be responsible for 17 home burglaries in Bad Godesberg. Police have now arrested the six men who allegedly banded together to commit the crimes.

Bonn police and the district attorney’s office have put a stop to the activities of a gang of suspected burglars. Authorities conducted a major operation on Tuesday morning. The men are all between the ages of 19 and 42, and since the beginning of the year, they are believed to have committed a large number of home burglaries in Bad Godesberg and Wachtberg. So far, 17 burglaries have been linked to the group.

A specially appointed commission of the Criminal Police Office 34 was able to find the locally based band of thieves after intensive research. In the early hours of the morning, seven search warrants were executed simultaneously, making it a major police operation. Stolen property and break-in tools were found during the search of the seven apartments in Bad Godesberg.

Six arrest warrants were issued by the court. Four of the men were arrested in their homes and two were already in detention for a commercial break-in. Whether or not the burglar band can be linked to any other break-ins, is still being investigated.

(Orig. text: Bernd Linnartz; Translation: ck)