Bonner Straße in Bad Godesberg 62-year-old man hit by truck and killed

Bad Godesberg · In Bad Godesberg, a 62-year-old pedestrian was hit and killed by a truck on Monday afternoon. Bonner Straße was closed until the early evening.

 A fatal accident occurred in Bad Godesberg on Monday afternoon.

A fatal accident occurred in Bad Godesberg on Monday afternoon.

Foto: Maximilian Mühlens

On Monday afternoon, there was a traffic accident on Bonner Straße in Bad Godesberg in which a 62-year-old man was fatally injured. According to the Bonn police, the man went to get into his vehicle, which he had parked on the street in the direction of Bad Godesberg city center, at around 2:20 pm. However, he stumbled and as a result unfortunately fell onto the road. The driver of a truck, which carried a loaded asphalt thermo container and was on its way in the direction of Moltkestraße, could not brake in time and hit the man lying on the road.

The crew of an ambulance quickly arrived on the scene and was able to pull the man out from under the truck and immediately begin resuscitation. However, the paramedics and an emergency doctor were unable to revive the victim - he died at the scene of the accident.

In addition to the professional fire department and the police, several emergency chaplains were also on duty. These cared for people who had witnessed the accident and, of course, also for the truck driver. Heiko Basten from the Bonn professional fire department explained that units from Fire Station 1 (Bonn) and Fire Station 3 (Bad Godesberg) had been alerted. "However, the forces of Fire Station 1 were able to abort because no technical rescue was necessary," Basten said. On site, a total of 17 forces of the fire department were deployed.

The Bonn police were on the scene with numerous forces, as the accident site was cordoned off over a wide area - access roads of Bonner Straße were also sealed off. Pedestrians and cyclists were only allowed through if they lived in one of the houses.

Several police officers secured traces and applied markings on the roadway in order to be able to reconstruct the course of the accident. According to the Bonn police, the traffic police department 2 has taken over further investigations, and an expert has also taken pictures of the traces of the accident on site. Distances were precisely measured, records made and witnesses questioned.

Bonner Straße is one of the busiest roads in the southernmost district of the federal city, so that there were considerable traffic obstructions during rush hour. Among other things, there was a tailback as far as Godesberger Allee (B 9). Road users could only drive from the B 9 through the tunnel in the direction of Koblenz or turn right into Elsässer Straße.

The Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) had to reroute the buses of the lines 612 and 614 over a wide area, as Lea Hoffmann from SWB explained on request. Thus it happened also that on Monday afternoon various stops could not be approached. At 6:15 p.m., SWB was able to announce on Twitter that the closure on Bonner Straße had been lifted.

This was now the second serious traffic accident in Bad Godesberg within two days. On Sunday afternoon, the occupants of two vehicles crashed at the intersection of Moltkestraße/Löbestraße. In the process, the rear of an SUV broke away and crashed into a vehicle waiting at a traffic light. The SUV then crashed into the exterior of a nearby bistro and into a house facade. Three women sustained minor injuries in the accident.

(Original text: Maximilian Mühlens / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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