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Five residents deceased: 65 Corona infections in Bonn nursing home Haus Elisabeth

Five residents deceased : 65 Corona infections in Bonn nursing home Haus Elisabeth

There is an outbreak of the corona virus in the Haus Elisabeth nursing home in Bonn-Ippendorf. 49 residents and 16 employees tested positive. As a result, five residents have died, the city announced Monday.

Five residents have died following an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at the Haus Elisabeth nursing home in Bonn. Two of the deaths are believed to be directly related to the virus, the city announced Monday.

According to the report, 16 employees and 49 residents tested positive in the past two weeks. They all showed either mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. On Jan. 11, 101 of the 110 residents and 76 of the 87 employees had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The second vaccination was scheduled for Monday, the statement added. The city did not say whether those who died had already been vaccinated.

Also on Monday, the city's health department is to check the hygienic procedures at Haus Elisabeth: "According to the health department's findings so far, all hygiene regulations have been implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, and there had not been a single confirmed case at the house," the city said.

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