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Eurojackpot: 76-million-euro winner from the region

Eurojackpot : 76-million-euro winner from the region

The winner of the 76-million-euro jackpot comes from Rhine-Sieg county.

He had a little piece of paper worth a whole lot of money, 76-million-euro. The winner of the Eurojackpot hit the biggest German lottery sum of all time. On the first day after Easter, he called it in to WestLotto. CEO of the lottery, Andrea Kötter said the ticket had been authenticated and it came from Rhine-Sieg county. In the next days, a huge sum of money will flow to the lucky winner.

Although the lottery drawing was Friday evening, the winner didn’t look at his ticket until Saturday. He was reminded of it when he heard on the radio that it was the biggest jackpot ever. As he looked at one number after the other, he couldn’t believe his eyes, “I had to look once, twice and three times and still couldn’t believe it.”

He spent Easter weekend quiet and peacefully like normal but still had a sense of the excitement and joy to come. And he didn’t let his ticket out of sight. Kötter said the winner will receive his money early next week and can then decide what he wants to do with it. More details will not be made public as the winner has asked WestLotto for privacy, which they will honor.

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