Corona pandemic 96 violations of Corona rules in Bonn

Bonn · Many people were out enjoying the sunny weather over the weekend in Bonn – but some of them did not abide by the Corona restrictions: the city’s public order service officially reported 37 people. Meanwhile 395 cases of infection have been confirmed in Bonn and an emergency childcare centre had to close because of an infected teacher.

 The city reported that many visitors to the cherry blossoms did not stick to corona regulations.

The city reported that many visitors to the cherry blossoms did not stick to corona regulations.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The people of Bonn were attracted outside by the sunshine and cherry blossoms over the weekend. The city reported on Sunday afternoon that the current rules to help contain the coronavirus pandemic had not always been observed. Between Friday and Sunday lunchtime, the city's public order service checked in 96 incidences where the contact ban and distancing regulations had been violated. A total of 37 violation reports were written involving "persons in unauthorized gatherings".

During an incident at the Brassertufer, the city reported that the people addressed by the public order officers reacted without discern and even aggressively to the information provided, so that the police had to be called and two people were eventually taken into custody. Larger groups of people were sighted at seven other locations in Bonn, but they broke up immediately upon arrival of the police and quickly left.

The city further states that "very many" visitors to the cherry blossom in the Bonn Altstadt did not keep their distance from others. It was the same at the weekly market in Bad Godesberg on Saturday, both on the part of the stall owners and the customers. The city of Bonn therefore continues to appeal for personal contacts to be restricted as far as possible in the coming days, in spite of the fine weather, and for a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres to be maintained from other people if it is necessary to go outside and whilst in shops or at markets.

395 confirmed coronavirus infections in Bonn

Bonn’s public health department was notified of 395 confirmed coronavirus cases up to 1pm on Sunday. 92 infected persons are now recovered. 768 people in Bonn are in domestic quarantine. Two people have died as a result of infection with the coronavirus.

It is still unclear whether the resident of the Rosental nursing home, who had to be taken into hospital and died on 2nd April, was infected with the coronavirus. The city stated that her test results are not yet available. At Ernst-Stoltenhoff-Haus, a Protestant care home for the elderly, a person who had been in contact with the confirmed case also tested positive. One of the staff members at Haus Steinbach nursing home has also tested positive. Investigations by the health department are ongoing.

Nursery school closed due to infected teacher

The city also closed the Zoppoter Straße nursery school at the weekend because one of the teachers tested positive. The school was attended by seven children whose parents are key workers. The seven children and all 13 teachers are now in quarantine.

(Original text: GA, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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