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Bonn politicians want to take action: A digital advertisting board on Reuterstraße blocks the bike path

Bonn politicians want to take action : A digital advertisting board on Reuterstraße blocks the bike path

A new digital advertising board has been in place for a few days at the corner of Reuterstraße/Bonner Talweg. The ADFC is not happy about this, because the billboard is positioned directly on the bicycle path. Bonn politicians also want to take action against it.

Bonn has recently gained a new billboard, located at the corner of Reuterstraße and Bonner Talweg. Karl-Heinz Rochlitz, chairman of the Bonn Traffic Club (VCB) is not happy with the new sign. "It's true that the pole is positioned in such a way that you can still get through." But the problem, he says, is that people feel overwhelmed by this heavyweight sign. "There are, after all, five roads signs directly next to the signboard," Rochlitz continued. "A sign like this is a major distraction from traffic. If you are a cyclist coming from the south, a car turning right has to watch out for you."

Werner Böttcher, chairman of the Bonn General German Bicycle Club (ADFC), is also less than pleased with the new billboard. "I know the corner well because we have already made representations to the city there in the past," Böttcher tells the GA. For example, he says, bushes and parking spaces have already been removed. They haven't done any better with the new billboard.

Politicians want the board removed

Bonn's politicians join in the criticism. "I find it very strange that such an advertising board has erected in the middle of a cycle path," Rolf Beu, a Green Party transport politician, tells the GA. Beu is not attacking the company Ströer by the criticism, but rather the decision-makers in the city administration. "What is decisive is the short-sightedness that individuals probably display in the administrative apparatus," says Beu.

Holger Schmidt, executive director of the left-wing parliamentary group, is equally critical of the billboard. "The thing stands in such a blatant place." He asks himself whether it was approved exactly at this point, or whether the construction workers simply could not find a better place.

For the next district council meeting, a motion has already been made by the Greens, the SPD and the Left, to remove the billboard. Alternatively, the billboard could either be moved to the right lane of traffic, or a strip on Reuterstraße could be closed to bicycle traffic, the motion says. Similarly, the administration should report on who issued an installation permit at this location and why. In addition, the motion requests that the installation of large digital billboards in the city district in the future should require the prior consent of the district council.

Ströer's position on the issue is as follows. "The installation was erected at the end of December 2020 in consultation with and following planning permission from the city," the company responded to the GA. Ströer also added that the Reuterstraße/Bonner Talweg site is not a new location. "Previously, there was a City Light poster there, which has now been replaced by the new digital stand information system." The base of the installation is narrower than a City Light poster, he said. As a result, he said, there is now more space on the shared pedestrian and bike path. However, he said, they wanted to look into highlighting the base of the pole in colour. The city did not comment when approached by the GA.