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Weather outlook for the region: A mild start to the new week in Bonn and the region

Weather outlook for the region : A mild start to the new week in Bonn and the region

At the beginning of the week, a high pressure system over southern Europe will be bringing cool to milder air temperatures in Bonn and the region. But the nights will be chilly.

The week will start out in Bonn and the region with both clear and cloudy weather, remaining dry. Monday morning will begin with fog in some areas, then the temperatures will rise during the day to up to 18 degrees Celsius, according to a meteorologist of the German Weather Service (DWD). The sun is expected to pop out in between the clouds from time to time. Tuesday will then bring a change in the weather, with light rain throughout the country. According to the DWD, it will be very cloudy and overcast. According to the GA weather map in Bonn, the highs will be between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday as well, it will initially remain mild with temperatures up to 20 degrees. The DWD then expects dense clouds and showers during the day. The probability of rain in Bonn is 60 percent.

Freezing temperatures on Monday morning

It will become increasingly windy, and in the mountainous areas gale-force gusts may arise. According to initial models, the wind will continue to strengthen Wednesday night. Storms are possible, and even on Thursday there is potential for a low pressure system bringing more stormy weather, said the DWD meteorologist on Sunday. But he stressed that it was not yet entirely clear.

Weather warnings were issued by the DWD for the Rhine-Sieg district and the Ahrweiler district on Sunday morning. Between midnight and 9 am on Monday morning, freezing temperatures are expected.

(Orig. text: ga, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)