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Updates from the GA live blog: A number of trains running again on Monday

Updates from the GA live blog : A number of trains running again on Monday

A number of trains are running again from Bonn Central Station as of Monday, but a bus service has also been established to serve some routes. The Steinbach dam no longer presents any danger. Police inform the public of numerous road closures in the Ahrweiler area. The number of fatalities in the district of Ahrweiler has risen to 117, with 749 people injured.

At Bonn's central train station, a number of trains are running again this Monday. The important connection to Cologne and in the opposite direction to Koblenz seem to be running quite reliably, at least as far as the regional trains are concerned. The Voreifelbahn S23 to Euskirchen, on the other hand, is not running, nor is the train to Ahrweiler. Employees of Deutsche Bahn say that travelers who need to go in the direction of the Voreifel can use a bus service that has been organized as a substitute. It departs from Quantiusstrasse/Colmantstrasse.

Bonn resident Dorothee Weiler planned to go to Rheinbach on Monday for her job in a supermarket. "Many of my colleagues have been badly hit. Normally it would be my day off, but it’s a given that one steps in and helps out."

The buses for the substitute service were privately rented by Deutsche Bahn (German Rail), says a DB employee. Meckenheim, Rheinbach and Euskirchen are currently being served. In Witterschlick, it is not yet possible because of the impact of the storm. For details on the towns and stations where service is currently being provided, she says people can visit the DB website and the DB Navigator app. Buses are also be prepared to make intermediate stops on request.

Long-distance rail services are still proving difficult. According to the display board in the foyer of the main station, half of the trains are cancelled, including the Voreifel connections. The ICE to Berlin is not running because the track around Hagen is impassable. On the right bank of the Rhine between Koblenz and Cologne, the DB recently announced that fewer restrictions are expected than on the left bank of the Rhine.

Steinbach dam no longer a danger

Authorities gave an all-clear from the Steinbach dam: According to the Rhine-Sieg district, the water level has reached a "non-critical water level". This means that there is no longer any acute danger that the dam could burst. The evacuation measures for the affected districts of Swisttal and Rheinbach can therefore be lifted.

The district of Euskirchen also announced that the Steinbach dam is safe. People can return to the districts of Schweinheim, Flamersheim and Palmersheim in the course of the day.

Police inform public about the situation in the Ahrweiler district

In some localities in the Ahrweiler district, power and telephone networks are still down. According to the police, relatives, friends or acquaintances who cannot find someone can call the police at 0800-6565651. The police are asking the public to avoid traveling anywhere near the Ahr valley area. The rescue routes must be kept free for official vehicles.

According to police, people can expect the following road closures in the crisis region:

  • A61 junction Meckenheim to Türnich closed
  • A61 lane narrowing (single lane) between Goldene Meile rest area and Sinzig interchange
  • A 571 Löhndorf to Ehlingen closed
  • B9 Ahr bridge Sinzig fully closed
  • L82/Kölner Strasse Sinzig closed
  • B266 from Sinzig to Heimersheim closed
  • B257 from Adenau to Ahrbrück, and past Altenahr to Kalenborn closed
  • B258 NRW to Müsch closed
  • L73 Antweiler to Schuld closed
  • L76 NRW to Kreuzberg closed
  • L85 Kesseling to Niederheckenbach closed
  • L90 Herschbach to Kesseling closed
  • K29 Ahrbrück to Lind closed

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