Rare sighting A rare black swan is swimming along the Rhine in Bonn

Bonn · They are black as night and rare. Now a black swan has been sighted on the Rhine in Graurheindorf.

It has jet-black plumage and a red beak but despite its elegance, the black swan does not have a good reputation. Unpredictable catastrophes and events are described upon the arrival of the black swan. Is it announcing impending disaster? It is unlikely to be that bad. It gets on perfectly well with its white relatives, as long as it does not get too close to them. If it does not keep a certain distance, threats from the other swans follow. Walkers are fascinated by the creature.

Many myths have surrounded the long-necked, dark fowl for thousands of years. Mostly, it does not bode well when it makes an appearance. Its character also made a dramatic appearance in the American psychological thriller “The Black Swan,” in which Natalie Portman, in the role of a ballerina playing the black swan, lost her mind.

Such a specimen was first sighted on the Rhine at Rodenkirchen in Cologne two weeks ago, without disastrous consequences. Black swans are very rare in Germany and actually live in Australia and New Zealand. However, the black swan on the Rhine is not giving anything away about its origin.

A black swan gained great popularity in Münster nine years ago. The swan appeared on the Aasee in 2006, stayed until 2009 and then disappeared again. It is unclear how long the black swan in Graurheindorf intends to stay.

(Original text: Susanne Wächter. Translation: kc)

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