Cherry trees A riot of pink in Bonn Old Town

Bonn · The sun came out at the weekend just in time to highlight the cherry trees in full bloom in Bonn Old Town.

As expected, the gorgeous blossoms attracted many onlookers and photographers wanting to capture the blooms on camera. Taking portraits of politicians with this background is definitely to be avoided. Cherry blossom may be a symbol of beauty and a new beginning but it also represents transience. Such truth and honesty can only be expected from nature. Perhaps this is why cherry blossom is so admired by so many people.

Speaking of politics, the cherry blossom was once again keeping politicians busy. The Social Liberals had proposed blocking several streets in the Old Town and had also argued for a parking ban. They did not get a majority. Such proposals are just as fleeting as the morning dew.

(Original text: Cem Akalin. Translated by Kate Carey.)

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