Restaurant guide A taste of Bavaria: Beer garden in Königswinter

Königswinter · The beer garden of the Grand Hotel Petersberg in Königswinter serves traditional bavarian dishes. Hikers may even bring their own Brotzeit.

Restaurant guide: A taste of Bavaria: Beer garden in Königswinter
Foto: Horst Müller

"The beer garden became our most important gastronomical feature“, says Grand Hotel Petersberg director Michael Kain. In April last year, a pavilion was opened in addition to the existing beer garden area under spruce lime trees with heart-shaped leaves - thus creating a total of around 300 seats for guests and offering a much larger capacity at the location.

„We would like to take away any timidity that hikers and bikers might have, coming up here“, Kain explains. „This is a free access beer garden, the customer is actually allowed to bring his own Brotzeit.“

This season sees new hosts in charge of the beer garden - Maria Oelmann und Maximilian Braun - and it comes with a new menu, that head chef Christopher Heintz and his pavilion kitchen team created. Just like the original Bavarian beer gardens, the Petersberg restaurant offers self-service.

On the menu: Savoury items like meatballs with potato salad and vinegar vegetables (8,50 Euro), tarte flambee sticks with leek and ham (3,50 Euro), peppery Petersberg sausages (3,50 Euro) or a Petersberg salad with smoked ham, peppers and olives (9 Euro). Plus: Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (3,50 Euro) and seasonal cakes and pies(3,50 Euro a piece).

Peters Kölsch and Radeberger Pils (0,33l, 3,50 Euro) are available bottled, Erdinger Hefeweizen and Erdinger „Helles“ on tap (0,5l, 4 Euro). The Maß, one litre of Erdinger on tap, costs 7,50 Euro. Vio organic fruit juice mixes are also on the menu (0,33l, 3,50 Euro). A mug of coffee or a large white coffee come to 3,50 Euro each.

The beer garden offers free wifi, live music and a bus shuttle from Königswinter to Petersberg (between 11am and 7pm), including a voucher. Maria Oehlmann: „This is gastronomy for everyone with the most beautiful panoramic view in North Rhine-Westfalia.“ Opening times: daily from 12 noon until 8pm (weather permitting)

Address: Biergarten am Grand Hotel Petersberg, Königswinter-Petersberg,, Tel. (0 22 23) 7 47 80

(Original text:, translation Mareike Graepel)

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