Bonn Restaurant Guide A taste of Portugal

Bonn · Brothers Manuel (46) und Domingos (45) Mendes from Portugal have taken over the catering at the ‘Schwarz-Weiß’ Hockey and Tennis Club on the Venusberg and opened the restaurant Sabor.

 Angie und Domingos Mendes, Koch Le Mannio Emanuele und Manuel Mendes (left to right).

Angie und Domingos Mendes, Koch Le Mannio Emanuele und Manuel Mendes (left to right).

The word sa­bor means ‘taste’ in Portuguese. Following extensive restoration work, the generous mix of bar and restaurant has been given a fresh new look: floorboards, timber ceilings with white beams, a fireplace, leather upholstery in dark green and black colours. Even the lamps and the kitchen appliances are brand new.

The restaurant has space for over 100 guests, plus 60 seats on the high terrace overlooking the tennis courts and a further 40 seats in the beer garden.

The Men­des brothers, who come from a family of restaurateurs, attach great importance to Portuguese hospitality. “Our dishes are prepared with love and good taste, and our guests should feel at home here”, says Ma­nu­el Men­des.

On the menu: The starters (from 3 Euro) include two warm salted cod croquettes (3.50 Eu­ro) or ham with fried mushrooms (10.50 Eu­ro), there are 11 pizzas on offer starting at six Eu­ro as well as a selection of cakes and a snack menu. Main courses include black pasta parcels stuffed with salmon and prawns accompanied by a dill sauce (12.50 Eu­ro), calf’s liver with butter and sage (19 Eu­ro), king prawns in a dill and white wine sauce (24 Eu­ro) or a freshly grilled whole gilthead seabream (18 Eu­ro). For des­sert the Portuguese tartlet Na­ta (2.50 Eu­ro) is highly recommended. The menu of the day offers further specials.

Drinks: Draught beers Früh Kölsch and Krom­ba­cher Pils cost 1.60 Euro for 0.2l, Kronenberg wheat beers are also available on tap (0.5l for 3.70 Eu­ro). The wine list includes nine open wines (0.2l) from 3.50 Eu­ro, as well as 23 bottles starting at 15 Eu­ro, such as Vidigal Vin­ho Ver­de from Min­ho (north Por­tu­gal) for 15 Eu­ro or Can­ti­ne San Mar­za­no Pri­mit­ivo (Apu­lia, Ita­ly) for 23,50 Eu­ro.

Address: Sabor, Saalestr. 30, 53127 Bonn-Ippendorf. Tel. (0228) 26 19 26 19 Open daily 11am – 11pm (hot meals available from noon – 3pm and 6pm-11pm)

(Orig. text: hgh, translation Caroline Payne)

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