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Bonn/Siegburg intersection: A3 towards Cologne closed for hours after truck accident

Bonn/Siegburg intersection : A3 towards Cologne closed for hours after truck accident

A 29-year-old man was fatally injured in a serious accident with three trucks on the A3 at the Siegburg motorway junction on Friday afternoon. The motorway was completely closed for almost ten hours, there were problems with the rescue lane.

A serious traffic accident occurred on Friday at 11.15 a.m. on the A3 at the Bonn/Siegburg motorway junction in the direction of Cologne. According to police, three trucks collided. In the rear-end collision about 500 meters north of Dambroich, a 29-year-old truck driver was fatally injured, according to police.

According to initial investigations, the 29-year-old had been on the A3 towards Oberhausen at about 11:15 a.m. The police found that the driver had been injured in the accident. Immediately in front of the motorway junction, he drove his truck without slowing down onto another truck driven by a 39-year-old.

This in turn was pushed onto a truck from Lithuania. Due to the force of the collision, the 29-year-old's truck wedged with the truck in front. According to information from the Königswinter fire brigade, the vehicle cabin and the driver's cab was pushed into the loading area of the vehicle. The 29-year-old was trapped in his cab, while the 39-year-old suffered minor injuries. The 59-year-old Lithuanian remained unharmed.

Man freed after one and a half hours

Over the loading area and with heavy hydraulic rescue equipment, the emergency services reached the life-threateningly injured man and cared for him in the truck. After about one and a half hours, the man could be freed and handed over to the rescue service, the Königswinter fire brigade reported.

The trucks stood across several lanes, and during the rescue work and accident recording the A3 was blocked for almost ten hours in the direction of Cologne. Traffic was diverted via the Siebengebirge junction and accumulated over several kilometres. Around 4.10 p.m., the first accumulated trucks were able to pass the accident site again. The Traffic Commissariat has started the investigation.

Problems with the rescue lane

Four units of the Königswinter fire brigade and some of the Cologne professional fire brigade with a total of around 60 personnel were deployed. The road maintenance department set up an 80 metre long screen. According to the police, a lot of fuel has leaked. The lower water authority was informed.

The rescue service was also called to the scene of the accident. The situation caused problems for the arriving forces. "A rescue lane was almost non-existent", the fire brigade said. According to a statement, emergency forces had to walk up to 500 metres to the scene of the accident and ask truck drivers to form a rescue lane. Original text: GA Bonn Translation: Mareike Graepel