Bonn Christmas Circus Acts include virtuoso acrobats and funny dogs

Beuel · The Bonn Christmas Circus opens this Friday with performances in Beuel until 6 January.

The Christmas circus has become a much-loved tradition for many people in Bonn. The circus ring opens for the twelfth time this Friday. This time the big top is in Beuel – for various reasons. The circus tent is still missing finishing touches like decorations and in the ring, the performers of course. They will enchant young and old visitors from Bonn and the region with their shows from 21 December to 6 January.

The circus is offering its audience two and a half hours full of action, fantasy and humour. “All the acts are new to the programme,” says Manuel Fischer of the Sun Vista Art and Show Production who is responsible for booking the performers. All the hired performers are experts in their field, says Fischer. One example is Janine Eggenberger. The young Swiss woman reached the final of the television show “The Supertalent” and now visitors can experience her live at the Christmas circus.

A supertalent in the circus ring

Eggenberger is celebrated as a “virtuoso” aerial acrobat. Born in Switzerland, she was trained by coaches at the Cirque du Soleil in Montreal. Then a shock three years ago: she fell on her head from a height of three metres. The result was a severe concussion. But she fought her way back into the limelight – first on Supertalent and now under the circus dome of the Christmas Circus.

Fischer must look far into the future to be able to book top-class performers, as he explained in an interview with the GA. So he is all the more proud to have engaged Rosi Hochegger with her four-legged “bunch of rascals.” The colourful troupe of people and animals received a silver award at the famous Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. Fischer says you do not need to be a real dog lover to love their witty performance. He himself saw them live in Monte Carlo.

Fischer says the real stars of the Christmas Circus ring are the dogs, camels, horses and ponies. For families at least, it is always an experience when the circus zoo opens its doors before the performance and in the intervals. “You don’t only get to experience the animals up close with us, we also give our visitors a look behind the scenes.”

There are reasons why the tent has now been pitched in Beuel and not in Bonn or Bad Godesberg. The traditional site in front of the Beethovenhalle is now needed for the renovations and the Rigal’sche Wiese was not used, among other reasons, because it gets very muddy when it rains and the water drains poorly.

The renovation of the tunnel has also been a handicap because the drive to Bad Godesberg can be an ordeal due to traffic jams and could have deterred people from visiting the circus.

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Original text: Susanne Wächter. Translation: kc

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