Large-scale operation on Saturday evening After altercation in Rheinbach: police see no evidence that weapons were used

Update | Rheinbach · An escalated quarrel between several people triggered a major police operation in Rheinbach on Saturday evening. After provisional arrests, five persons have been released.

Large-scale operation on Saturday evening: After altercation in Rheinbach: police see no evidence that weapons were used
Foto: dpa/Rolf Vennenbernd

There was a major police operation at around 8:30 on Saturday evening on Keramikerstraße in Rheinbach. According to the General-Anzeiger, officers armed with submachine guns were deployed.

The background to the incident was a threatening situation in which one or possibly even several firearms reportedly played a role. According to an official at the Bonn police control centre, a total of five people were temporarily arrested during the operation. According to GA information, two women who were standing on the balcony of a ground-floor flat on Keramikerstraße and three men who were on the street allegedly clashed for as yet unknown reasons. The three men also live in the house. The exact course of events and the relationship between the three men are still unclear. According to witnesses, threats were made and at least one firearm was seen.

The police then arrived with a large contingent and searched the flat of the three men. There were two other persons in the flat. No weapons were found, an officer at the control centre told the GA, but small amounts of illegal drugs were discovered.

The five men, whom the police had arrested for allegedly threatening someone with a weapon, have since been released, police spokesperson Simon Rott announced on Monday morning. There were no concrete indications that a particular person had produced a weapon and pointed it at someone else. According to the spokesperson, there was no threat.

Original text: Axel Vogel

Translation: Jean Lennox

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