Charges for sexual assault in drug milieu Aggravated rape next to Bonn Central Station

BONN · A 27-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting three women in Bonn and Wesseling for hours. Now he is being tried before the Bonn Regional Court: The charges are aggravated rape, bodily injury and robbery.

 Baurbeiten am Hauptbahnhof.

Baurbeiten am Hauptbahnhof.

Foto: dpa

A 27-year-old man will soon have to answer to the Bonn Regional Court for charges of aggravated rape, bodily injury and robbery. He is accused of having raped three women in Bonn and Wesseling between August last year and January of this year, some of them for several hours. All three victims suffered injuries.

According to the prosecution, the first crime took place on August 1 in the Wesseling Rheinpark: At half past three at night, the man is said to have forced a homeless person into sexual intercourse. The perpetrator apparently knew his victim, because before he attacked and completely undressed the 52-year-old, who was sleeping on a park bench, he is said to have woken her up by calling her first name. However, the woman was unable to give any further details about the perpetrator when she filed a complaint.

In the second case, which is said to have taken place almost three months later in an underpass near Bonn's Kaiserplatz, the victim knew her tormentor only fleetingly: In the drug milieu, the two are said to have previously arranged to have consensual sex for payment. But when the 27-year-old demanded more than what was agreed upon and the woman refused to comply, he is said to have punched her in the face and then raped and abused her for over three hours. Before the Wesseling man then let go of the woman, he is said to have taken her mobile phone, pepper spray and tobacco.

Perpetrator accused of threatening victim with knife at Bonn central station

Just around the corner, the accused is said to have met his third victim at the end of January and raped her several times around midnight at a remote location on the tracks next to Bonn's main railway station: The prosecution also accuses him of using a knife and threatening her with death to make her submit. In this case, the perpetrator is even said to have filmed the incident with his mobile phone. He also took this victim's cell phone, ID card and a cheque card.

His third victim managed to escape to a taxi stand, got into a vehicle occupied by a woman and explained to her that she had been raped. In this case, the investigating authorities found out about the alleged perpetrator with DNA traces that could be found at the scene of the crime. And according to the prosecution, these could later also be traced to the other two offenses.

(Orig. text: Leif Kubik; Translation:ck)

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