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All courses cancelled: Aggua pool in Troisdorf remains closed after fire

All courses cancelled : Aggua pool in Troisdorf remains closed after fire

After the Troisdorf fire brigade were deployed to the Aggua swimming pool on Saturday evening where an electrical unit had caught fire, the entire pool will remain closed for the time being.

The fire brigade was called late on Saturday evening because of smoke development from the basement area of the Aggua swimming pool on the Aggerdamm in Troisdorf. According to initial reports, an electrical unit was on fire.

On Sunday, the Aggua pool announced on its homepage that the entire swimming pool must remain temporarily closed due to the fire. The adventure pool, sauna, sports club, beauty salon and gastronomy are all affected. Furthermore, all swimming courses have had to be cancelled. The accessibility of the Aggua by phone is also currently very limited, as the telephone system was also affected by the fire.

At about 9.40 pm on Saturday, the emergency services were alerted by the fire alarm system. The swimming pool had not yet closed and the last visitors had to be evacuated. According to the fire brigade, the staff acted in an exemplary manner and ensured a rapid evacuation.

The emergency services then moved into the heavily smoky basement area and after a short time were able to put out a fire in an electrical unit. Employees of the Troisdorf public utility company disconnected the entire building from the power supply and the fire-fighting operation could begin. During the operation, visibility for the emergency services was hampered by the heavy smoke.

When the fire was extinguished and the cellar was smoke-free, it was discovered that water was leaking from a plastic pipe. The defective pipe is an overflow pipe of the sports pool above and could not be closed off and the entire cellar threatened to fill with water. As a result, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) was called in, as the existing resources of the fire brigade and public utilities could not pump such a huge amount of water fast enough. 200,000 litres had to be taken from the pool and the THW drained the water into the sewer. The swimming pool was then temporarily closed. In total, 32 firefighters were on duty.

(Original text; ga.de, translation John Chandler)