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GA Listing: Ahr wine festivals you should know about

GA Listing : Ahr wine festivals you should know about

The peak wine festival period along the Rhine and the Ahr is upon us and general-anzeiger-bonn.de has put together a selection of festivals for you to try.

Summer on the Rhine and the Ahr and in the Eifel is a happy time and the many wine festivals in particular are somewhere to meet people and celebrate life, the summer and wine – even heading into autumn. We have put together a list of some of the festivals still to come and hope you enjoy them.


The Winzerfest in Ahrweiler, which runs from Friday 1 September to Monday 4 September, is the largest and oldest wine festival in the Ahr. Highlights are the announcement of the wine queen and the parade through the old town.

At the Ahrweiler Wine Market from Friday 8 September to Sunday 10 September, vineyards and wine cooperatives from the region offer homegrown wines.


Calling itself the “small village with big wines, ” Rech has its wine festival from Friday 15 September to Sunday 17 September. There is also a parade in honour of the wine queen.


The wine festival in Remagen is from Friday 15 September to Monday 18 September. There is a wine village on the market square and the wine queen is announced.


The wine festival in Bachem from Friday 15 September to Sunday 17 September not only offers pinot noir wines but also has the “Grape Harvest Parade of 10,000 Lights” on the Sunday evening.


The wine festival in Dernau has what is probably the largest festival parade in the Ahr Valley with a great atmosphere in the wine taverns as well as in guest houses and vineyard courtyards. It runs from Friday 22 September to Monday 25 September.


The wine festival weekends in Altenahr take place over 5 weekends, each with a different theme. The first weekend is from Friday 22 September to Sunday 24 September. The official opening is on 23 September at 4pm by the wine queen and her princesses. The theme for the following weekend (29 September to 1 October) is “walking fun and wine enjoyment” and the “glittering finale” of the wine festival is on the weekend of 20-22 October. For more information go to: Altenahr wine festival 2017


The wine festival in Mayschoß will be celebrated on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October and then each weekend in October. It takes place at the foot of the Saffenburg ruins.

This list of wine festivals does not purport to be complete and was not written using objective criteria. There is also no particular ranking. The order of the list is random. Is your favourite wine festival missing? Send an email to online@ga.de

Original text: Andrea Simons. Translated by Kate Carey.