The Deutsches Museum and the European Championship in Bonn AI Predicts Germany vs. Scotland Result

Bad Godesberg · Experts at the Deutsches Museum are betting on AI to predict the outcome of the DFB team's opening match on Friday. But they’re also sending their own flesh-and-blood team into the betting arena.

 Robot dog Hu sniffs the ball.

Robot dog Hu sniffs the ball.

Foto: Richard Bongartz

Everyone’s talking about AI, and it’s even made its way into football strategies. This is just the job for the Deutsches Museum Bonn (DMB) on Ahrstraße, a hub for AI. Both humans and machines are caught up in European Championship fever. Even the robot dog Hus had a go with the new championship ball. So, who’s going to win the first match?

Ralph Burmester, exhibition curator and research assistant, explains that the museum itself doesn’t generate computer predictions. However, he found that the AI ChatGPT forecasts a 3-1 victory for Germany over Scotland in the opener. This digital oracle is based on a wealth of data and previous performances, so does that mean it’s correct? Or has the DMB team got it right? The latter predicts a 2-1 win "because it doesn't quite believe in the quality of the German strikers". Of course, they could both be wrong. But both predictions could be off the mark.

It’s technology versus emotions: Friday will reveal the truth. Stay tuned to GA for more updates and an in-depth look at AI in football.

Original text: Richard Bongartz

Translation: Jean Lennox