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Local transport companies in favor of AC: Air conditioning on buses reduces chances of coronavirus

Local transport companies in favor of AC : Air conditioning on buses reduces chances of coronavirus

Some people believe that air conditioning on public transport puts people at a higher risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus. But local transport companies make clear that this is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true.

Responding to a GA-reader who expressed concern about an increased risk for contracting coronavirus because of air conditioning on trams and buses (mainly installed in buses), the Bonn transport authority SWB responded with this explanation: "Our trade association, the Association of German Transport Companies, has looked into the issue of air conditioning systems during the corona pandemic and recommends that air conditioning systems be used and not switched off," says SWB spokesman Michael Henseler. The association also advises keeping the windows closed as much as possible.

The Rhine-Sieg transportation authorities (RSVG) and regional transport Cologne (RVK), who operate in the Bonn area as well, also switch on the air conditioning systems. RVK spokeswoman Diana Jerchel says: "In addition to the possibility of opening the windows in the inside, the air conditioning systems contribute significantly to the ventilation of the bus and reduce the risk of possible infection through the air".

According to Melanie Schwanke from RSVG, the air conditioning systems work in such a way that they draw in air from outside and constantly renew the air. "The standard filters theoretically allow viruses to pass, but not the carrier medium: water droplets."

(Orig. text: Philipp Königs / Translation: ck)