Hospitality group compares it to the Elbe Philharmonic Hall Aire project in Bonn Rheinaue finds further support

Bonn · Horst Burbulla, who would like to build a 220 meter high event tower near the Post Tower, has received further support for his project Aire. A hospitality group draws a parallel to the high-profile Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg.

 A model of the project Aire.

A model of the project Aire.

Foto: Horst Burbulla

According to a press release, the Bonn area group of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association North Rhine-Westphalia (Dehoga) would view the "ambitious project" as a gain for Bonn as an event location. "Landmarks that can be used for tourism are doubly valuable for a region," said Michael Schlößer, chairman of the Bonn district group of Dehoga. The project could have a similar effect as the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg.

Hotelier Schlößer, who also runs the Basecamp Bonn, where guests spend the night in camper vans in a big hall, points out the city's considerable deficits when it comes to weekend tourism. With a modern concert hall at an altitude of 166 meters, as planned by Horst Burbulla, it would be possible to "attract artists from a completely different league to Bonn".

Most recently, Hubertus Hille, Chief Executive of the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, advised the economics committee to contact Burbulla.

Burbulla has initiated a petition for a citizens' referendum. If around 10,000 residents of Bonn sign on this initiative, he could come a step closer to realizing it. Burbulla also wants to build the tower with equity capital from a foundation. He wants to lease the car park south of the Rheinaue from the city. According to information from the administration, the city would have to transfer twelve million euros to the federal government for the land if the development came to fruition.

(Orig text: Philipp Königs; Translation: ck)

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