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New barriers at Cologne/Bonn: Airport parking to become dearer

New barriers at Cologne/Bonn : Airport parking to become dearer

Cologne/Bonn Airport implements its new traffic concept. Drivers will have to pass new barriers from this Friday. If you stay longer than ten minutes, you will be asked to pay.

On Friday the free access to the terminals at Cologne/Bonn Airport will become a thing of the past. Anyone who wants to drop off or pick up friends or relatives at the airport must pass through barriers. They are part of a new traffic concept with which the airport wants to improve the flow of traffic in front of the terminals. "The aim is to reduce traffic congestion and increase traffic safety on the access roads," according to a statement by the airport.

This is probably necessary. At peak times things can get chaotic. "Up to now it has happened again and again that car drivers illegally block restricted areas, lanes and escape routes or park in the second row without taking other traffic into consideration," the airport spokesperson had stressed, as preliminary work for barrier systems began. This had led to massive traffic obstructions on the access roads. The new regulation should systematically improve this situation for all road users.

Those who really only pick up passengers or bring them to the airport can stop directly in front of the terminals on one of the about 100 spaces for ten minutes after passing through the barrier system. Parking for up to 15 minutes costs five Euro, parking for up to 30 minutes twelve Euro.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that motorists leave the terminal driveways quickly - preferably within the ten-minute free transit time, which means there is space for additional people to collect or drop-off. The airport recommends the multi-storey car parks for those who know that they will take longer. The P2 multi-storey car park costs only three Euro per hour. P2 can also be reached via another entrance in front of the barrier. In order to reduce traffic in front of the terminals, the long-distance buses will no longer be routed to the bus station via the terminal access roads.

Here you will find all the important information about transfers and parking facilities at Cologne/Bonn Airport.

(Original text: Ralf Arenz, Translation: Mareike Graepel)