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Bonn Central Station: Alarm testing at the train station

Bonn Central Station : Alarm testing at the train station

For those who travel to or through Bonn's Central Station in the next days, don’t be surprised if you hear more alarm sounds or announcements than usual. The builder of the Urban Soul project is having the loudspeakers checked.

Visitors to Bonn's Central Station should expect to hear alarms and the loudspeaker system being tested in the next days. In the corridors beneath the Urban Soul construction project and in the surrounding area, the builder is testing the loudspeakers that will be used for emergencies, among other things. "This is a routine measure being performed by specialists," explains a spokeswoman. It is necessary because the (Urban Soul) building and its stores will open in the coming days.

(Orig. text: Nicolas Ottersbach; Translation: ck)