Egg scandal Aldi removes all eggs from its shelves

BERLIN · More than ten million contaminated eggs are now thought to have been delivered to Germany. As a precautionary move, discount supermarket Aldi has removed all eggs from its shelves.

More than ten million contaminated eggs are now believed to have been delivered to Germany from the Netherlands, according to Agricultural Minister Christian Meyer of the state of Niedersachsen.

Discount supermarket chain Aldi has taken all eggs out if its assortment. Meyer said to ZDF television that “probably there are more than ten million contaminated eggs from the Netherlands” in Germany. He advised consumers to check the numbers on the egg carton and consult the website which lists food products that may be contaminated.

Meyer said there was no current information that chicken had been contaminated but it is being examined by authorities. Products like noodles and cake which contain eggs are also being tested. The insecticide Fipronil is used against fleas, lice, ticks, roaches and mites. While the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) reported there is “no concrete danger” from consuming the contaminated eggs, a health risk for children could not be ruled out.

Aldi removed all eggs from its shelves “purely as a precautionary measure.” The supermarket chain reported that it had already removed all eggs delivered from the affected egg producers at the beginning of the week.

Customers who have purchased eggs at Aldi can return them without a receipt and get their money back. According to “Spiegel” magazine, a chemical distribution firm from Weelde in Belgium is becoming a focal point of the investigation. It reports that the distributor ordered large amounts of veterinary medicine Fiprocid at the start of the year, which contains the ingredient Fipronil.

(Orig.-Text: afp, Übersetung: Carol Klöppel)

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