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Bonn takes part in nationwide test today : All the German sirens will sound on at 11 am today

Bonn takes part in nationwide test today : All the German sirens will sound on at 11 am today

The city of Bonn participates in the nationwide warning day, on which the sirens and various warning signals are tested on a trial basis. The GA explains what the different sounds mean.

Throughout Germany, on Thursday 10 September, warning apps will beep, sirens will sound, broadcasters will interrupt their programmes and trial warnings will appear on digital billboards. This will also happen punctually at 11 am in Bonn. But those who are startled by the noise need not panic.

The alarm is part of the nationwide warning day, on which the functionality of the systems is tested. The reminder of the different meanings of the signal tones is also at the forefront of the biannual exercise. The GA explains what the tones mean in general and how one should behave in an emergency.

Consistent tone

A long and constant wailing sound, emitted by the sirens, stands for "all-clear". At the rehearsal on 10 September, this tone will initially be heard continuously for one minute. To avoid any misunderstandings, there will also be an "all-clear" signal for one minute after the siren test has been completed, according to the city of Bonn.

Rising and falling tone

A rising and falling tone represents a "warning" in an emergency and indicates a dangerous situation. This may include fires or the occurrence of radioactive radiation, but also power failures or natural hazards such as earthquakes or floods.

What to do in an emergency

If a warning tone sounds in an emergency, citizens are encouraged to visit closed rooms and close windows and doors. In addition, loudspeaker announcements by the police and fire brigade as well as radio announcements by Radio Bonn/Rhein-Sieg should be heeded.

An alternative source of information is the warning app NINA (Emergency Information and News App of the Federal Government). It enables fire and rescue control centres to warn smartphone owners in the event of major fires, accidents involving hazardous substances or similar accidents. The warning app is also regularly checked for its functionality as part of the siren tests.

Warning App from now on always on Thursdays

The NRW Ministry of the Interior has stipulated that the siren test will continue to take place on a Thursday. Whereas the test in Bonn used to always take place on a Saturday, the loud sirens will now be heard in Bonn and the region on the second Thursday in every March and September.

Further information about the warning day can be found on the website www.warnung-der-bevoelkerung.de.

(Original text: Jonas Dirker / Translation: Mareike Graepel)