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Incidence rate below 165 for several days: Alternating lessons may be possible in Bonn from next week

Incidence rate below 165 for several days : Alternating lessons may be possible in Bonn from next week

The incidence rate in Bonn has now been below 165 for several days. For pupils, this means that teaching in so-called alternating classes could soon begin.

At 137.1, the seven-day incidence rate did go up slightly on Sunday compared to the previous day. Overall, however, it has declined significantly since 4th May (177.8). This is likely to have an impact on school operations from next week. This is because lessons on rotating days, the so-called alternating classes - can take place if the figure remains stable below the 165 mark for five working days in a row. And if the incidence rate is under 100, pupils can return to face-to-face teaching. However, the decision is not at the discretion of the municipality - it is the state of NRW who is responsible. The decision must be officially established by the Ministry of Health in Düsseldorf.

If the incident rate falls below 165 for five working days, this does not mean that alternating lessons will take place the next day. Schools should have at least two days' notice to prepare. According to the NRW Ministry for Education, classes are not to start until the first Monday after the five days have elapsed - in Bonn that would be the coming Monday, because the threshold was reached for the first time on 6th May. In addition, the federal government's emergency brake also stipulates that if the incidence rate exceeds 165 on three consecutive days, pupils must automatically return to distance learning from the day after next.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach, Translation: Caroline Kusch)