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Old Town is not the only location: Alternative cherry blossom tour leads right through Bonn

Old Town is not the only location : Alternative cherry blossom tour leads right through Bonn

April is cherry blossom season and that means many visitors are drawn to Bonn's Old Town. But that’s not the only location where one can view cherry blossoms in Bonn. Here is an alternative cherry blossom route with locations in the city centers of Bonn and Beuel.

The cherry blossom season has begun - and it normally attracts thousands of visitors to Bonn's Old Town. Already on Easter weekend, cherry blossom fans were flocking to Heerstrasse and the surrounding streets. In the next days, the city expects numerous visitors and has already introduced a mask requirement so that streets don’t have to be closed as they were last year.

But if there are more violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance or the crowds in the Old Town become too large, so that even the mask requirement does not allow “full compliance with infection control measures", the city of Bonn reserves the right to close sections of the streets.

For this reason, the association "StattReisen Bonn erleben" has created an alternative cherry blossom route through the city. The route winds through Bonn and Beuel past various locations that are equally enticing, displaying bursts of blossoms. Visitors can easily practice social distancing as the locations are spread out over a length of about 15 kilometers.

The starting point of the route is the Sterntor in Bonn city center. The route continues via the Bonn Minster to Reuterstrasse/corner of Bonner Talweg, via August-Bier-Strasse, Eduard-Otto-Strasse/corner of Ahrweg, Franz-Bücheler-Strasse/corner of Wichernstrasse to the Rheinaue. From there, the route crosses the Südbrücke Bridge to Beuel, where cherry blossoms can be admired on Paulusstrasse and Professor-Neu-Allee. Over the Kennedy Bridge and Friedrichstrasse, the route ends at the Stadthaus.

(Orig text: ga, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)