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Remondis gives tips: Am I allowed to put my bottles next to the glass container?

Remondis gives tips : Am I allowed to put my bottles next to the glass container?

ou want to get rid of your glass bottles but the containers are full? This is not unusual, as seen in Hennef a few days ago. Redmonis is the firm supplying the containers and they explain why the container may only appear full at first glance, and what is not allowed.

Who hasn’t experienced this? Finally you remember to take along your old glass bottles from home, you stand in front of the glass disposal containers and everything is full. Sometimes bottles are even piled up next to the glass containers. Especially after the Christmas holidays and New Year’s, this is not a uncommon sight.

At the beginning of this week, our editorial staff received information that this was exactly the case with the glass containers on Bonner Straße in Hennef. Photos taken last Tuesday show glasses already peeking out of the opening of overfilled containers and loads of glass bottles next to them.

In the region, the company Remondis is responsible for emptying glass containers. According to GA information, the glass disposal containers on Bonner Strasse in particular have been overflowing since the Christmas holidays.

Responding to a GA inquiry, Nicolas Müller, head of the Remondis branch in Bonn, stated clearly that the containers were emptied on January 3 and 7. The fact that there was a complaint for this glass disposal station surprises him. "Especially after the turn of the year there is a lot of waste glass and we increase our trips to the glass containers. However, it is difficult for us to estimate exactly which ones are being used more frequently right now," explains Müller.

Why glass containers may appear full - but they are not

Sometimes, according to Müller, people simply place their waste glass next to the containers without checking whether there is room in them. Others, who come after them, do the same. This creates a huge stack of bottles next to the containers without them being full.

"Another reason is that sometimes the containers are only used from one side. This results in them being filled unevenly," says Müller. What this means is that glass containers have an opening on two sides. If one of these sides is used more than the other, the glass piles up on the one side to form a higher accumulation of glass and the container appears already full. On the less used side, however, there is still space.

Residents can inform Remondis about full glass containers

However, if it really is the case that a glass container is full, there is an easy way to inform Remondis. This can be done by telephone: 0228 - 7666777 or by e-mail to vertrieb.bonn@remondis.de. "We'll then make every effort to get everything moving," says Müller.

It is wrong to put your waste glass next to the glass containers. "This is officially not allowed," explains Müller. In addition to environmental pollution, there is also the potential danger of shards on the adjacent roads and paths. You have to take your glass back with you or try another disposal station, Müller says.

The glass placed next to the containers is also extra work for Remondis and takes the workers more time. The workers must first throw in the bottles and then empty the container.

The glass container on Bonner Strasse was probably emptied last Tuesday shortly after the photos were taken, Müller explains. He had sent a driver to the disposal station this Friday to check the current status. The result: no stacks of bottles and there was still space in the containers. Orig. text: Britta Röös Translation: Carol Kloeppel