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Weather forecast: An ice-cold start to the week in Bonn and the region

Weather forecast : An ice-cold start to the week in Bonn and the region

Hat, scarf and gloves out: it’s an icy start to the week in Bonn and the region. Wintry temperatures below zero and sunshine, but the clear visibility makes walks worthwhile. But will it snow?

There was already continuous frost in Bonn and the region on Sunday and according to the forecasts of meteorologists, temperatures will continue to fall at the start of the week. Temperatures in the region on Monday are expected to only just get above freezing.

The cause of the upcoming cold snap is the “Brigida” area of high pressure. According to the German Weather Service, it means the polar air that has flowed into Germany is barely moving. The result is that it then cools down even further overnight because of the mostly clear skies. The weather services were expecting temperatures of minus ten degrees in the region on Sunday night.

It is still uncertain how far the temperatures will actually fall. However, Marco Manitta, a meteorologist at the weather forecast centre of the German Weather Service, predicts that the winter period could last several weeks, according to the current model forecast. However, the prospect of snow in Bonn and the region remains slight.

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