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Director grew up in Bonn: "And Tomorrow the Entire World” is Germany’s entry for the Oscars

Director grew up in Bonn : "And Tomorrow the Entire World” is Germany’s entry for the Oscars

"And tomorrow the entire world" is a highly political film. In the film, Julia von Heinz explores political extremes - neo-Nazis on one side and left-wing radicals on the other. The drama has been chosen to represent Germany in the best international feature film category. It has a strong connection to Bonn.

Right-wing extremism and populism are on the rise. It’s something many people are concerned about. But how far can one go to confront these views?

Director Julia von Heinz deals with exactly this question in her political drama "And tomorrow the entire world” ("Und morgen die ganze Welt”). The focus is on law student Luisa, who is active in left-wing, anti-fascist circles. In the fight against right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis, her new friends do not shy away from violence, and Luisa must decide how far she herself is willing to go. It’s an explosive film that now has a chance to win the highest honors - on Wednesday evening it became clear that the political drama would represent Germany in the race for an Oscar.

Julia von Heinz also filmed parts of her own life here in Bonn. She grew up in Bonn and joined anti-fascist initiatives as a 15-year-old in 1991. The trigger: Her birthday party in the Rheinaue was attacked by a group of neo-Nazis. In Bonn she also became involved in the left-wing scene.

"What?????!!!!!! German Oscar entry???? Greetings from the craziest emotional roller coaster EVER", the director wrote on Facebook shortly after the announcement of the jury's vote on Wednesday evening. The international premiere of her film, inspired by personal experiences as a young person, was already a big event, as it was screened at the competition of the Venice Film Festival. The decision to choose her film was made by a jury, with the members appointed by German Films.

"At a time when democracy is coming under increasing pressure, Julia von Heinz poses the question of whether, and if so, when violence is justified or even necessary," the jurors explained their decision. They praised the outstanding performance of leading actress Mala Emde as well as the cinematography. The film also confronted the audience with conflicts and decision-making processes that they could not escape. "A personal film of great emotional impact," was the final verdict.

"And Tomorrow the Entire World” won out over nine other films. It is a drama that is also likely to be of interest in the USA, where politically motivated violence - often from the far right-wing - spreads a climate of fear in many places. Now it's up to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in Beverly Hills, California. From all international applications, it will initially select ten films, which will be announced on February 9, 2021. The five films that then receive nominations will be announced on March 15. Nora Fingscheidt's German Oscar entry "Systemsprenger" was not nominated last year. The actual award ceremony is on April 25, 2021.

But no matter how far the film makes it, it’s already very special to make it as the German entry for the Oscars. The unfortunate part is that the movie opened in theaters on Thursday and moviegoers will only have the weekend because on Monday, theaters close down due to the pandemic.

(Orig. text: Cordula Dieckmann, German Press Agency.Translation: ck)