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Parking on Kennedyallee: Annoyance over long term camper parking

Parking on Kennedyallee : Annoyance over long term camper parking

Is it allowed or isn’t it? Parking spaces along Kennedyallee are permanently occupied by a noticeable number of campers. Although some people are annoyed about the situation, there doesn’t seem to be an easy remedy.

Are they allowed to park there or not? That is the crucial question for some people who are angry about the RV’s (caravans) and camper trailers parked on Kennedyallee not far from the Stimson Memorial Church.

To answer the question - it is a clear “Jein” (a mix of the German “ja” which means yes and “nein” which means no). Different parking regulations apply to RVs with integrated driving units versus camper trailers and it also makes a difference whether or not the camper has occupants.

Camper trailers are allowed to occupy a public parking space for up to two weeks. The vehicle must then be moved, even if it is only for a short trip around the block. A camper trailer which stays parked in the same spot longer than that risks a fine of 20 euros. If the same camper receives several parking tickets, a higher fine may be levied at some point.

Motorhome RVs, on the other hand, are self-contained vehicles that can park anywhere and indefinitely as long as they do not weigh more than 7.5 tons, which applies to the majority of them. Like heavy trucks, heavier vehicles must be parked in suitable places.

While the regulations allow certain freedoms for parking, this is not the case for overnight stays on public grounds. Those who require a night of sleep in order to remain fit for the road are allowed to spend the night in a regular car park. But those those who are unfit to drive because they have been drinking a few glasses of wine risk receiving a fine.

The City of Bonn regularly receives complaints from citizens in all areas of the city about campers and motorhomes that have been left standing for longer periods of time. "Residents are annoyed that already scarce parking spaces are being blocked by parked trailers," said a city spokeswoman. Complaints can be registered with the city public order bureau at 0228/773333.

Orig. text: Petra Reuter

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