Arson in Troisdorf Annoyed man burns down his neighbour's apartment

Troisdorf · A resident of a refugee shelter in Troisdorf set fire to his neighbour's apartment - because the smoke from cooking had annoyed him. He was charged with arson.

 Arson in Troisdorf: The fire brigade was called.

Arson in Troisdorf: The fire brigade was called.

Foto: Peter Kölschbach

According to the report, the man from the first floor of the accommodation on Bonner Strasse set fire to the next apartment door with alcohol. According to the police, he had previously been upset by his neighbour's strong cooking smoke. He had wanted to get back at him - and to bring smoke into the apartment through the flames.

The arsonist had an alcohol level of 1.42 per thousand, they said. According to the fire department, no one was injured on Wednesday.

(Original text: ga; Translation: Mareike Graepel)
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