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Weather forecast: Arctic polar air brings bitterly cold weather to Bonn

Weather forecast : Arctic polar air brings bitterly cold weather to Bonn

The onset of winter caused chaotic conditions in some parts of Germany. Bonn and the region got off lightly. But now arctic polar air is blowing into the Rhineland, creating icy temperatures over the coming days.

This weekend saw some severe weather in parts of the country, with vast amounts of snow and icy roads. There were chaotic conditions particularly in the north and centre of Germany. These remained to some extent on Monday morning. Bonn and the region have so far been spared heavy snowfall and black ice, but it is very cold. 

The approaching polar air is causing freezing temperatures. In the early hours on Monday, temperatures in Bonn and the region fell below zero. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it will remain frosty during the day, with temperatures continuing to drop. Experts are anticipating temperatures of around minus ten degrees Celsius during the night. On Monday, it will remain mostly cloudy, with light snowfall possible. The DWD has issued a warning to this effect. More sunshine is expected on Tuesday.

Snow drifts in parts of NRW

In other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, the weather may worsen again with heavy snowfalls. The front-runner for fresh snow is East Westphalia-Lippe with up to ten centimetres, said a DWD meteorologist in Essen. By the afternoon, one to five centimetres of fresh snow are expected to fall in many places in NRW. The expert expects snow drifts in the northern half of NRW, with fresh to strong easterly winds. 

In addition, it will remain frosty as arctic polar air flows into NRW. “It will be bitterly cold,” the meteorologist said. “I haven't seen anything like this in the past eight years.” In East Westphalia, temperatures will be minus ten degrees Celsius. In the southwest, it will remain a little warmer at minus four degrees. During Monday night, temperatures will even drop to severe frost between minus 10 and minus 15 degrees Celsius.

According to the weather expert, the frost is likely to continue until Sunday. In the course of the week, however, the sun will join us. “Snow with sun, that should make most people happy,” he commented. 

Original text: dpa/ga

Translation: Caroline Kusch