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Police looking for information: Are raids in Bad Godesberg connected?

Police looking for information : Are raids in Bad Godesberg connected?

Bonn police are investigating whether a robbery in an apartment and an attempted street robbery in Bad Godesberg could have been committed by the same perpetrators and are asking for information.

Bonn police said witnesses became aware of cries for help from a 37-year-old woman at around 8.40pm on Monday evening as she was threatened with a pistol, beaten and robbed by masked men in her apartment on Frankenstraße in Bonn-Hochkreuz.

According to police reports, as well as a purse and a smartphone, the perpetrators took additional personal belongings and demanded she hand over further cash. The 37-year-old fought back, however, and cried for help, after which the two robbers fled from the apartment. The woman was slightly injured and was treated at the scene.

During the immediately instigated search, the police said they were called only a few minutes later to an attempted robbery at the SSV Plittersdorf 1922 sports grounds not far from Frankenstraße.

31-year-old suspect arrested

There, an unknown man allegedly attacked a 20-year-old and his 22-year-old acquaintance in the Neckarstraße area. The man first ran past the two and then came back and is alleged to have grabbed a rucksack. The suspect is also said to have approached other people near the sports field and asked for “outerwear” because he wanted to change. The suspect then ran off.

It is said the description given also fits that of one of the two men involved in the robbery in the apartment in Frankenstraße. According to this, the suspect is a slim build, around 1.75 metres tall, has a “very dark” skin shade, black, short hair and a thin, narrow beard. At the time of the incident, the man was wearing grey jogging trousers, sneakers and a black sport or rain jacket.

Investigators currently believe there may be a possible connection between the two incidents described. They were able to arrest a 31-year-old suspect in Bad Godesberg on the same evening.

Police are asking witnesses who observed the incidents described or can provide information on the identity of the persons concerned to contact them by calling 0228 150.

(Original text: Sebastian Meltz. Translation: kc)