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Street art: Artists spray Beethoven on Bonn walls

Street art : Artists spray Beethoven on Bonn walls

The artist team "Lackaffen" from Münster has discovered the walls and facades in Bonn for their works. This week they will complete a Beethoven portrait and a 15-meter-high lion twice.

The varnish monkeys make Bonn more colourful: On Tuesday, the team of artists from Münster completed two Beethoven graffiti pieces. Once, Simon Cavelius sprayed the composer's eyes on a wall at Kölnstraße 58, while colleagues applied the entire head of Bonn's great son to a twelve-meter-high house wall at Siegburger Straße 187.

The artists had got to know the city at the beginning of the year when they painted at the Telekom Dome. "Then we drove around," says Lackaffen boss Philipp Scharbert. So they found new surfaces for paintings. "We approached the owners and showed them designs," says Scharbert, who alongside Cavelius works for free with Johanna Tichelkamp, Silvio Jedinak and Robin Neumann.

They hope, however, to distribute a business card for new orders. The last work is a huge lion on Römerstraße 299, which will be finished on Thursday. More about the artist team can be found at www.lackaffen.de

(Original text: Richard Bongartz, Translation: Mareike Graepel)